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Critter Doc Andrea Sobotka Dispenses Spirit Animal Wisdom

Andrea Sobotka, an Animal SensAbility master, HTA practitioner, Shamballa (MDH) Reiki practitioner, Natural Earth Medicine healer, communicator and an intuitive counselor for pets and their people, provides a holistic approach that influences the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of animals through energy, connection and intention.

Sobotka knew she had a special connection with animals, and says, “I understood them and fervently believed that if I could gently touch a critter in need, I could make it feel better.” One day while visiting a wildlife sanctuary, she touched the palm of her hand to the paw of a tiger, and says, “From that touch, a spark of raw spiritual energy and ancient wisdom passed through me, re-igniting the passion and gifts I was born with.” She studied to expand her skills as a healer and practiced to hone her communication abilities.

Sobotka began a workshop series, Animal SensAbility, teaching those that want to learn how to care and connect with their animals on a natural and holistic level.

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