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Personal Flotation Employs the Science of Feeling Great: Float therapy offers many healing benefits for the mind, body and spirit, says Dr. Martha Reed.

Nov 01, 2015 04:25PM ● By By Dr. Martha Reed

Flotation therapy leader True REST (restricted environmental stimulus therapy) comprises a patented zero-gravity environment that allows the mind and body to truly rest in a proprietary solution of salinized water to create an environment free from gravity, strain, tension or pain. The resulting buoyancy makes floating on water feel like floating on air. Studies show that 70 percent of participants find complete pain relief during a float session. Each float can be customized with lighting and music.

The ADA-compliant True REST suite also features ample room for wheelchair access and a shower. Many clients with severe fibromyalgia and other movement restricting problems find this specially designed room very helpful. Each suite also includes a private changing area. The Float Pod is automatically cleaned and disinfected after each use and is pristine for every client, every visit.

Epsom salt baths are great on their own, but they lack the manifold benefits of weightlessness, controlled temperature, minimized light and sound. The spine is allowed to decompress, and the muscles and pressure points of the body to deeply relax. Each float pod maintains a constant temperature of 93.5 degrees F, just like the human body. The brain thinks it is back in the womb.

Although the float pod features optional lights and the ability to play and control music, the most effective mode is dark and quiet, allowing maximum reduction of stimulus and the deepest levels of relaxation.

Floating is a solo activity requiring no outside interaction. A typical float is an entire hour without being bothered, judged or having to interact with people. In other words—stress-free. The process of floating improves with practice because we will experience deeper levels and cumulative benefits as we continue. Just as tension and pain do not form overnight, floating is a therapy that yields the most benefits with regular use.

Dr. Martha ReedDr. Martha Reed is the owner of Insights for Life, a holistic wellness center, in Glendale. She is also launching the new True REST Arrowhead location, opening in December. For more information, visit or

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