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Looking at the Big Picture for Ultimate Wellness: How we fuel our bodies can have a direct impact on physical and mental health, says Alison David Bird.

Nov 24, 2015 08:04AM ● By Alison David Bird

Many people are aware that we are entering a period of evolution and are working toward improving physical health, releasing emotional baggage and sharpening the mental body. How we fuel the vehicle has a direct impact on its performance in all these dimensions. Food creates density in the vibrational and energetic light structures of our subtle bodies, as well as in the physical biological vehicle.

Some people ask whether they should I give up alcohol, tobacco and coffee or become a vegetarian or a vegan. They wonder if they must live on nuts and berries and eat only raw food or what they can forage for on the forest floor. The answers to these questions are different for everyone.

Just as our spiritual DNA evolves according to our galactic heritage, our physical DNA carries cell memory of every past life we have ever experienced. It is as much responsible for the quality of our health as the DNA contribution made by our biological family.

As the soul evolves, it chooses where on the surface of the planet to gather experience, just as it chooses the lessons it wishes to learn along the way and how those lessons are delivered, including through which family line.

In the roles we have played in our incarnation, we have been male and female, black and white, rich and poor, experiencing it all within the realm of relativity.

It is likely that during our 600 to 800 lifetimes we will choose to return repeatedly to certain locations where we have created karma. Economic and environmental parameters will be chosen for each lifetime to have an impact on the body’s vibrational tolerance of certain foods.

For example, if we have had the majority of our past-life experiences in northern Europe, we are unlikely to be able to digest nuts, grains, raw or tropical foods well.

The human body was not designed for alcohol. Smoking deprives the body of oxygen and drives down our vibration. Red meat is dense and heavy in the vehicle, but some need the nutrients that exist in meat and cannot be replicated anywhere else. Animals also experience the karma wheel. It may be interesting to note that one of the only ways an animal can achieve spiritual advancement is through the act of sacrifice.

As we advance spiritually and our body begins to release karma, we will recognize the foods that don’t sit well and perhaps even develop intolerance to additives, hormones and spices because the body begins to hold increasing quotients of light within its cellular and molecular structure. Our current vibration dictates what foods work for us.

Alison David Bird, C.Ht., is the originator of Marconics. She will be visiting Prescott in February to teach two Marconic Practitioner courses. For more information, visit

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