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Personalized Coaching for Self-Improvement

Nov 24, 2015 10:05AM

Latoya Beverly, a spiritual master coach and counselor for women, is ready to facilitate her Spiritpreneurs, coaches, healers and other sacred women clients to step into transformation. She says, “The personal, as well as professional, lives of today are going through a lot of turbulences. People are trying to achieve the pinnacle of success, but once reaching it, find themselves depressed, anxiety ridden and in despair. However, women are found to be a bit more affected with such problems.”

She helps clients work on deep-rooted issues and step into post-traumatic growth, abundance and prosperity in their lives. One of her specialties is enhancing intuitive mindfulness, and her private practice is located in Scottsdale.

For appointments, visit For more information, call 480-848-0679 or visit

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