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High-Quality Herbs at Affordable Prices

Green Goddess House of Herbs recently opened at 4232 North 7th Avenue, in the Melrose District of Phoenix, with more than 250 high-quality medicinal herbs, teas and culinary spices in leaf, root, powder and capsules at affordable prices. A New Year’s special brings first-time customers that mention Natural Awakenings 10 percent off any order.

Founder and owner Sue Meyers says, “I worked in a pharmacy part-time for about a year and really thought there has got to be a better way to embrace preventative medicine. Herbs have been used in healing for centuries in ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. Before pharmaceuticals, there were herbs. I’m hoping that people will start getting back to using herbal solutions and discover the many benefits they deliver.”

For more information, call 602-266-8177 or visit