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Focusing on the Elements of Good Health: Dr. Katka Novakova shares how holistic and naturopathic medicine can help maintain our health.

Dec 24, 2015 08:12AM ● By Dr. Katka Novakova

Our medicine today does not focus on health and how to maintain it for years to come, but focuses on fixing symptoms, making it appear that aches and pains, an inability to move or think freely, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and loss of eyesight are natural signs of aging.

Here is where naturopathic and holistic medicine come in. Even though many of us use it only as needed when we are ill, the vast and fallow potential lies in supporting the body to remain healthy. There are many simple things we can do to make a big difference.

Even though it’s hard to get completely clean food these days, eating organic food means we’re not getting added chemicals or genetically modified organisms (GMO). Local farmers’ markets are great because we can talk directly with the growers about their farming practices.

Eat meat more sparingly, such as two or three times a week, because it accumulates a lot of toxins through GMO feed, antibiotic and hormone use. Organic, green leafy vegetables have a naturally low glycemic index and are higher in naturally occurring nutrients such as magnesium, calcium and iron. Avoid processed food and processed hydrogenated oils because they are filled with chemicals to make them last for a long time, and hydrogenated oils are very unnatural and harmful to the human body.

Use non-toxic and environmentally friendly products in the home, office and car. This includes all cleaning products such as dish detergents and laundry detergents; personal care products such as lotions, shampoo, makeup, aftershave, deodorant, perfumes and any scented product; candles; and air fresheners. This will significantly decrease the amount of toxins we absorb into our bloodstream through the skin and lungs.

An extra 30 to 60 minutes a day for sleep gains more time for rest and regeneration. Taking time for ourselves to sit down, breathe and enjoy nature or to read a great book while sipping a healing herbal tea counts, too.

Research shows that if we add one or two of these tips to our already daily routine, such as taking an organic salad for lunch or packing extra organic veggies every day for 10 weeks, it helps to create a new habit, and will become an easy and normal part of our lives. Pick the easiest and more workable changes first, and remember that every little bit adds additional support for long term-success.

As we work on incorporating these fundamental practices for maintaining health, a naturopathic physician can help by adding other nutrients via herbs, vitamins or even IV nutrients and extra oxygen in the form of ozone/autohemotherapy for further support or to help to heal an already existing or a newly arising condition heal faster.

Dr. Katka NovakovaFor more information, contact Dr. Novakova at 480-524-4304 or visit


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