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Improve Athletic Performance with Energy Healing: Discover how energy medicine is being used to give athletes a competitive edge, says Jamine Aponte.

Dec 24, 2015 07:54AM ● By Jamine Aponte

When we think about athletics, we generally think about the physical modalities for improving levels of fitness, nutrition and rest, but we seldom take into account the invisible factors that directly and indirectly affect the physical body, such as low levels of confidence, negative self-talk and inability to concentrate. We have yet to pass the threshold where energy medicine and its many healing practices are commonly used to enhance sports performance by dealing with the invisible ailments that plague athletes.

Meditation has many benefits such as lowered stress and anxiety, happiness and better focus. From an athletic perspective, learning how to meditate helps us to learn immediacy, or the ability to be present. Being in the present moment during sports performance is exactly what is meant by the saying, “Keep your eye on the ball.” An athlete is “in the zone” when they are not thinking; when they are being while simultaneously doing.

Energy medicine modalities such as Reiki, Healing Touch and Bio-Energy Healing are more accessible and acceptable than ever before. Most every physical ailment has an emotional or mental cause, but getting to the emotional and mental roots is not always possible or preferable via Western allopathic medicine. Energy medicine helps to work at the source of the problem instead of the symptoms.

When performing in a game or contest, athletes may fall short because their thoughts get in the way, and they are too busy thinking, second-guessing, worrying and feeling nervous. Learning to meditate is a practice that directly translates well for athletes because it teaches the athlete the practice of being in the moment. If we knew that our knee problems were being caused by low self-esteem or a lack of playing time in games was being caused by perpetual and anxious thoughts which could be remedied with energy healing, we might well want to try it.

In the words of NCAA athlete Kendra Sheppard, “I definitely would continue to have energy healing treatments because I have seen it work for so many other parts of my game. If you’re not fast, you can run sprints and you can do ladders to get quicker, but what can you do to get confidence? That’s a harder thing to change; it’s harder to work on. So to have someone help by providing healing treatments would be a benefit; it would put you one step ahead of everyone.”

Energy medicine seems to be hitting its stride, and for athletes, that means getting an edge on the competition in a way that has never been available before. Most importantly, in a world where we are constantly being plied with chemicals and pills, energy medicine is 100 percent safe, holistic and feels incredible.

Jamine AponteJamine Aponte is a strength and conditioning coach, women’s lacrosse coach, Reiki master and Bio-Energy Healing practitioner at A Mindfulness Life Center, in Scottsdale. For more information, call 480-208-2915 or visit