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Use the Energies of White Time to Manifest Desires

Jan 30, 2016 01:00PM

Universal White Time Healing (UWTH) was tailor-made for humanity, nature, situations in life and Mother Earth, and very suitable for healing physical, psychological, emotional, daily problems and situations of life. Healing and all levels of classes are offered by Sally Trautner, assisting head teacher, high teacher and master healer.

With UWTH, the healer uses past, present and future in one unit of energy. We can go back in time and give healing a few seconds before a sickness or problem occurred, heal in present time, taking away pain, and then send the healing into the future to prevent the problem from occurring again. The healer connects to the UWTH well. UWTH does not interfere with karmic laws because a person working with White Time does not use their own personal force, light or energy.

Natural Awakenings readers receive a 10 percent discount off certified courses and energy healings. For more information, call 480-767-6200 or visit

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