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Remote Energy Healing with Natalie Marquis

Natalie Eve Marquis, an energy healer and certified hypnotherapist, offers Creative Leap Healing Services that use many forms of energy healing performed remotely or in person in Sedona by appointment. Modalities include certified hypnotherapy for transforming limiting beliefs and behaviors including weight control, smoking cessation and releasing fears and stress; past-life regression therapy/healing past lives to gain greater insight and understanding of past and present relationships; distance energy healing, an intuitive form of energy healing; integrated energy therapy, which works with angel and source energy to remove blocks; Usui reiki that channels spiritually guided life force energy to facilitate self-healing; and intuitive readings that are more like a spiritual counseling session.

“I work through the creator to tap into information that will provide you with clarity and insight about your soul’s journey,” says Marquis. “We often uncover areas where you are not moving forward, and in these cases, spirit typically provides gentle guidance and direction for your consideration.”

Natural Awakenings readers receive 10 percent off the first session with code 11:11. For appointments, call 603-642-4949 or email at [email protected].