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Arizona Grass Raised Beef

Arizona Grass Raised Beef owns and operates their own U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)-inspected processing plant in northern Arizona and uses it to exclusively process Arizonaborn and raised, 100 percent grass-fed and 100 percent grass-finished free-range cattle that are antibiotic- and hormone-free. The whole operation is verified by the American Grass-Fed Association.

In an effort to reach new customers, they are offering 10 percent off any purchase of $55 or more through April 30 (use coupon code BIOHACKED on their website).

They just opened a USDA-inspected grind room where they make burger patties for local restaurant distribution, which allows them to bring local and fresh grass-fed and grass-finished hamburger patties to consumers across the state at affordable prices.

Arizona Grass Raised Beef also has a USDA-inspected commercial kitchen that is used to make only one product: beef bone broth. They roast the bones and tendons, brew them for three days in a steam kettle with organic vegetables, strain, flash freeze and then ship the broth to homes, restaurants, grocery stores and selected farmers’ markets.

Managed by real cowboys on horseback, the cows are never fed any grains, corn or silage, nor are they ever constrained to feed lots. They forage for their food across thousands of acres of Arizona ranchlands that include naturally occurring Arizona grasses, water and flowers. No pesticides, insecticides or GMO seeds are ever used on the land. This stress-free lifestyle is far superior to any other type of ranching.

The Arizona Grass Raised Beef philosophy is to remain 100 percent transparent in their sustainable practices, to minimize their carbon footprint and to produce only the highest-quality local grass-fed, grass-finished products.

For more information, call 602-920-9666 or visit


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