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Synchronized Healing Demonstration and Class

Rod Lyman, LMT, RMT, and Cyndee Mubi, an internationally recognized color and sound therapist, owners of Beyond Today, are out to prove that two hearts can beat as one. They will conduct a class, Chakras: The Seven-Year Cycle, on April 3 in Phoenix and April 17 in Prescott.

Lyman is active in the community as a therapeutic body worker and medical intuitive. He teaches classes for continuing education in the field of massage therapy and special interest classes in energy work. Mubi channels full-spectrum light energy directly from its source to facilitate releasing and healing treatments for her clients and uses her intuitive abilities to tap into interdimensional realms of consciousness.

Location: 11223 N. 28th Dr., Ste. F101, Phoenix. For information, call 602-374-4926 or vihttp://www.Beyond2Day.comsit

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