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Acupuncture Can Revitalize Faces

Mar 30, 2016 08:28AM

Arizona Natural Medicine is now offering the Arizona Natural Medicine Method. Because true beauty radiates from internal balance, and facial fine lines, redness, loss of skin elasticity and suppleness has a direct and deeper correspondence to the body’s internal state of health, this facial rejuvenation system enriches the skin’s tonicity and restores a fresh glow by working from within.

The system tightens underlying musculature to create lifting and firming of the skin, addresses fine lines by promoting collagen production and supports the mind-body system by treating the deeper imbalances of the body in a relaxing environment to enhance stress reduction, harmony and create a sense of well-being. It also works with the body to stimulate circulation to the tissue and create a replenished appearance.

Location: 2480 W. Ray Rd., Ste. 1, Chandler. For more information, visit

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