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Understanding Medical Thermography

Thermography is the measurement of temperature variations at the body surface. As with the oral thermometer that has been used for many years, changes in temperature indicate disease processes. Finely tuned technology can find abnormalities in human wellness long before the body's sensory organs can identify them.

This is true for breast cancer, thyroid dysfunction, inflammation leading to cancer, heart disease and other diseases. Because of this, it is imperative that all physicians begin using medical thermography in their daily practice.

More than 800 articles on medical thermography in peer-reviewed journals describe applications such as heart disease, dental thermography, diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, cerebro-vascular screening with thermography and many more.

As we learn more about dense breast tissue, it makes sense to use thermography as an adjunctive breast screening, especially because there is no radiation or compression, as with mammography.

Lenna Shepard is the owner of Crystal Coast Thermography. For more information, call 480-688-3172 or visit

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