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Tom Bird Brings Out The Best Seller in You

Apr 30, 2016 01:36PM

The “book whisperer”, Tom Bird, will present Write Your Best Seller in a Weekend Retreat with three date options in 2016: June 2 to 5, August 25 to 28, or November 10 to 13, in Sedona. Participants may attend in person or remotely.

The weekend is divided into three phases: Preparation and Education; The Retreat; and Revision. Bird’s experience working with tens of thousands of would-be writers over nearly three decades shows that success as an author depends on being able to first generate and then blend with the literary inspiration. Bird says, “Over 90 percent of our authors finish the writing of their books by the end of the second day. Not only do they walk away from the retreat with a finished, partially revised book which they can easily finish at home, but with the sharpness of their critical minds numbed by the speed at which they wrote their books, they walk away from the retreat with books that they love, as well.”

For more information and to register, phone Mary Stevenson at 928-821-6946 or visit

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