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Half Off a Myers IV Cocktail at ChelationCare

Apr 30, 2016 01:40PM

ChelationCare, in Scottsdale, is offering 50 percent off a Myers IV cocktail for any new patients inquiring about their services. ChelationCare offers plaquex IVs, nutritional IVs, hydrogen peroxide IVs, ozone therapy, cardiovascular chelation, heavy metal testing and treatment, and ultraviolet blood irradiation for infections, chronic disease, Valley fever, Candida and other fungal or parasitic infections.

The nutrients in the Meyer's cocktail include vitamin C to strengthen the immune system and the minor ozone helps to modulate it and strengthen the nonspecific immune system that is the body’s first line of defense.

Location:  7315 E. Evans Rd. For more information, call 480-998-9232 or visit

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