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Public Input Needed to Assess New Lighting Program

Apr 30, 2016 02:16PM

The city of Phoenix will replace all 90,000 of the city's street lights and lighting at its park facilities with energy-efficient LED bulbs in order to save millions of dollars in electricity costs, reduce carbon emissions and help make city streets safer. Public input is welcome through June 30 via a short online survey at

LEDs cut energy use and carbon emissions by up to 60 percent and can last years longer than traditional street lights. They also distribute light more consistently with fewer dark spots, so streets are illuminated more evenly and less light is misdirected.

The overall objectives associated with this initiative include converting all street lights to LED technology; reducing energy consumption and annual costs of street lights; optimizing benefits of the program; minimizing future costs to maintain and replace the converted street lights; and obtaining accurate GIS data for luminaires (lighting units) with GPS technology.

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