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Probiotics for the Entire Home

Apr 30, 2016 02:03PM

Organic Living is now offering probiotics for the home, comprised of an organically cultured strain called bacillus ferment, in whole house systems, room systems and sprays. The new Environmental Probiotics for indoor air quality is similar to the probiotics we use for our gut, but for the home environment.

Many people use high-grade air purifiers and have a clean, pristine home, but still suffer from asthma or allergies. This patented technology works on a microscopic level and repetitively releases billions of micron-sized probiotics to purify the air, clean surfaces and penetrate objects; resulting in a healthy microbiome.

The process leverages the power of probiotics to outsmart airborne and surface contaminants rather than completely eliminate them. Conventional cleaning and purification systems indiscriminately kill harmful and beneficial bacteria alike, causing an imbalanced environment in which pathogens mutate into resilient superbugs.

Environmental Probiotics depletes the resources that allergens, pathogens and mold spores thrive on and create an unfavorable environment for harmful bacteria. Eradicating them at the source also helps in the elimination and prevention of foul odors caused by microbial contamination.

Location: 8342 N. 7th St., Phoenix. For more information, call 602-224-5313 or visit

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