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Get Younger Faster with OsteoStrong

OsteoStrong, a nationwide franchise new to Avondale at 3145 North Dysart Road, Suite C-108, uses old science combined with new technology to make reversing the atrophy of aging a fast and easy process called Osteogenic Loading. At around the age of 30, most people’s bodies start to decline in bone and muscle mass.

Avondale OsteoStrong owner Robert Runeborg says, “Members come dressed in their everyday clothes once a week to perform a 15-minute, sweat-free session that requires them to do four isometric trigger events on a patented, computer-monitored device that stimulates increases in bone density, muscle and joint strength and balance. We call them trigger events because they cause the body to make a natural adaptation due to the load the member is comfortably placing on his or her body.”

He explains that the device also stimulates muscle and joint strength in a way unlike traditional methods. “Our members on average see about a 73 percent increase in strength over the course of one year, and that growth continues as long as they use the device.”

To schedule a free session, call 623-271-7178. For more information, visit

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