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Find True Happiness at Kinesphere

Kinesphere Center for Movement Education offers many weekly classes helping people to incorporate more joyful movement into their day. Happiness may seem an elusive goal for which we are striving, but not achieving often enough. Rather than a generalized emotion, however, happiness can often be found in the recognition of small moments and achievements.

One way to happiness is by reconnecting with our physical bodies. Taking time throughout the day to turn our focus inward can be calming and centering, and as we begin moving our body, we are able to fully experience our physicality and kinesthetic ability.

This mindful movement exploration provides not only a physical and mental experience, but can also lead to joy and happiness. The feeling of being in our own body and moving through space is something all humans are born to experience, and it can be a simple, yet powerful way, to bring happiness into every day.

Location: 711 E. Missouri Ave., Ste. 180, Phoenix. For more information, call 602-532-3111 or visit

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