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Tackle the Hidden Culprit Blocking Success

Aug 30, 2016 05:38PM

Those seeking optimal health, weight loss, better sports performance and improved outcomes in business, finance, relationships and more can schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation with renowned expert Julia Mueller, C.Ht. Mueller will assist in uncovering the hidden rhythms causing negative outcomes and will recreate new rhythms allowing individuals to achieve their goals.

Many individuals struggle to achieve their goals because they have thought patterns called hypnotic rhythms that are not congruent with their desired success. These rhythms occur naturally and are always at work in our subconscious. For those that feel that no matter how hard they try or work, but just can’t seem to achieve their full potential, the most likely cause is their hypnotic rhythm. The great news is that new hypnotic rhythms can be established with a little help from Mueller.

For more information, call 941-730-3965.

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