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Integrating the Best of East and West: Dr. Sandra Levitt of Innovative Primary Care in Gilbert focuses on educating patients on the most appropriate treatments through a holistic approach.

Aug 30, 2016 08:41AM ● By By Martin Miron

Healthcare today is far too often where disease meets pills, says East Valley physician Dr. Sandra Levitt. This primary care practitioner believes health should be fostered by increased awareness, understanding of what creates health and giving people the tools they need to manifest and maintain wellness. As founder of Innovative Primary Care (IPC), an integrated medical and wellness practice based in Gilbert, she wanted to make sure when she left her former group practice that she established a new way of care: one that focused on educating patients about the most appropriate treatments and personal actions through a more comprehensive holistic approach.

Fast forward more than 10 years, and she’s continuing to advance that mantra. Services offered at the IPC office include traditional primary medical care, naturopathic medicine, bioidentical hormone therapy, acupuncture, jin shin jyutsu, counseling and hypnotherapy among others. Levitt, along with Hezekiah Chinwah, M.D., Todd Schuster, PA-C, Jennifer Simpson, PA-C, and Jane Stevenson, PA-C, comprise the internal medicine team for patients ages 15 and up. Other practitioners include Dr. Ilana H. Oren, who uses hypnosis to address anxiety, phobias, anger management and substance addictions, Dr. Xan Simonson, NMD, whose specialty includes pain relief using acupuncture and prolotherapy to help stimulate the body’s natural healing process, and Dr. Cynthia Romero, NMD, also offering a variety of naturopathic modalities. Debbie Elman is the jin shin jyutsu practitioner on-site.

Levitt continues to seek new insights on how to support health in the best, most comprehensive way with the fewest unintended consequences. Recently, she returned from a medical conference linking gut health to anti-aging efforts, one of her key interests in helping advance the food-health link with her patients. She has helped many people find a greater sense of wellness by limiting or cutting out gluten and dairy from their diet. She suggests people focus on wild versus farmed seafood, organic offerings when possible, healthy oils and quality proteins.

Levitt also suggests a variety of supplements for patients. She spends time carefully vetting the best options that are free of any additives often found in over-the-counter products, and those products that have the right combination of ingredients that are best processed and absorbed by the body. IPC has a showcase of those options in the office or online.

Innovative Primary Care is located at 2915 E. Baseline Rd., Ste. 101, in Gilbert. For appointments, call 480-776-0626. For more information, visit

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