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Find Inner Nirvana Amid the Chaos of Life

Sep 29, 2016 05:19PM

Linda J. Curry has published a new book, Pebbles of Gold, after spending the last 20 years researching and living the human experience while constantly stepping up her game to be an expert in finding balance in life, from healthy eating to fear and trauma. With her motto, “Attaining health one bite at a time,” she has been simplifying health and growth strategies through wisdom, compassion, acceptance and practicality.

Curry assists others to cultivate health through her expertise in spiritual growth, herbalism, plant-based culinary cuisine and coaching. Experienced in healthy food preparation, she spends much of her time simplifying nutrition for individuals and groups and teaching them how to cleanse and nourish the body through whole plant cuisine.

In Pebbles of Gold, Curry takes readers through her own personal stories of transformation and simplifies the path to inner bliss and fulfillment in life.

The book is available at, and

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