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Cannabis Conference in Phoenix

Arizona Cannabis Conference & Expo will be held October 15 and 16 in Phoenix. Renowned pain specialist, David Tonkin, M.D. an 11-year NFL veteran and Super Bowl winner, Marvin Washington; and Native American Healing Center founder Larry Banegas, MSW, have teamed up to produce a public service announcement, Cannabis Addresses Prescription Opioid Addiction, sponsored by Isodiol.

Each has unique views on opioid addiction. Tonkin’s mission is educating healthcare providers of a non-habit-forming alternative to quickly and effectively wean patients off prescription opioids. Washington’s initiative is making sports safer by using cannabis for pain management and research on concussions and chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Banegas’ message is that addiction is a brain disease that should be a qualifying condition for medical cannabis use. 

The three cannabis industry experts engage audiences while explaining the differences between marijuana and hemp cannabinoids; what is psychoactive and what is not (THC vs. other cannabinoids); and cannabidiol (CBD) that is accessible and ships everywhere hemp products are sold. Through Q&A, audiences receive critical information that can help their patients, colleagues and family members address opioid addiction.

For more information, call Denise Mahaffey at 760-908-6565 or email [email protected].