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Developing a Relationship with Angels: Asking the angels for help enhances one's spiritual connection and provides greater support, says Natalie Eve Marquis.

Nov 27, 2016 05:28PM ● By Natalie Eve Marquis

Sometimes people ask the angels for support for the big stuff, such as, “Please help my mom’s surgery go smoothly.” But those same “angels” can also bring more spiritual connection and magic into our lives.

The angels want to help us with everything; nothing is too big or too small. One of the most frequent suggestions they make is, “Reach out to us for everything. We love you and we want to help.” The depth and purity of their love is beyond words. We can experience this for ourselves by developing a personal relationship with the angels. Here are a few suggestions for developing a relationship with the angels.

Pick one angel. This might be an angel that we’ve always been curious about, or perhaps we need the special talent of a particular angel. For example, if we want to break free of fear, work with archangel Michael, or if we’re having difficulty forgiving someone, we might want to work with angel Daniel.

Get to know the angel. There is a wealth of information about the different angels online and in books. However, before reading any material about angels, first have an inner dialogue with the angel. Find a quiet place to sit. Have a pen and journal ready. Close the eyes and imagine the angel before us. Move awareness to our heart. Think of someone or something that we love deeply; this might be a child, a pet or a partner. Allow that feeling of love to expand in our heart. Allow this feeling of love to expand beyond our heart to our whole body. Then, invite the angel to move into our heart center. Write down those impressions.

Determine how the angel feels; what they look like; if they have a message for us; and then write down whatever impressions we receive. Try to suspend any judgment about whether we’re making things up or if the message is real. Just write down whatever impressions we get, no matter how far-fetched it seems.

Invite the angel to work and play with us during the coming week. Say, “Dear Angel (name), I give you open-ended permission to guide, direct and support me during the coming week. Please send me signs so I know you’re with me.” Then, thank the angel for merging with us today and for its love and support. Now we are free to read up and learn about the angel from external sources such as books, DVDs and websites.

Growing a relationship takes time and attention, so be sure to spend a little time with the angel each day. Be open and aware to all the ways the angel might reach out to us, including words or phrases in billboards, street names or shop signs.

Once we develop a relationship with a particular angel, we can move onto another. With Kimberly Marooney’s The Angel Blessing Kit, gamers can pull an angel card and work with that angel for the week. As we get to know the different angels, we develop a powerful clan of light beings that we can call for love, guidance and support.

Natalie Eve MarquisNatalie Eve Marquis, CHt, is a certified hypnotherapist, energy healer, intuitive and workshop facilitator. For more information, visit

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