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The Silver Bullet: The answer to better health lies within each of us, says Dr. Katka Novakova.

Feb 02, 2017 09:51AM ● By Dr. Katka Novakova

Many patients work diligently toward achieving optimum health by seeking information about new products and treatments on the Internet or in health newsletters. Some of these include lasers, magnetic bracelets and ionized water systems, all of which offer a certain amount of support. For some of these systems, the more we believe in them, the better they work.

Most people use mainstream over-the-counter medicines and prescription drugs, and many are looking into natural substances and support. Yet, as much as they learn, people eventually discover that there is no “silver bullet”; a universal panacea that will fix everything—heal the pains and aches, ease the insane insomnia, the futile fatigue, the desperate depression or the alarming anxiety—no matter what claims are made by the manufacturer or practitioner.

The power of natural medicine and the profound support it offers to help the human organism to reset, rebuild, regenerate and restore itself is undeniable. Supplements and herbs can work wonders, and for a naturopathic doctor, it is difficult to imagine practicing medicine without them. If there is a silver bullet, it is the one that lies within us.

This is the silver bullet that makes us give up smoking, add a crucial hour of sleep at night, exchange our toxic bath soap for a non-toxic alternative, find 20 minutes for meditation each day, drink an extra kale smoothie in the morning or nurture the kind of self-love and compassion that enables us to step back from the crazy roller coaster of life and go for a hike.

That moment when we pause to sit down on a rock and watch a beautiful sunset is when the truth emerges and we say to ourselves, “I need to change this one thing, I need to call this person, I need to take care of myself,” because the silver bullet we sought was there all the time.

Dr. Katka NovakovaDr. Katka Novakova, M.D. (Europe), ND, helps educate, empower and inspire people on their personal healing journey. For more information, call 480-524-4304 or visit



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