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Viviane Chauvet is a Holographic Intuitive Healer

Feb 02, 2017 01:33PM

As a certified Tuning Forks Therapy Practitioner, Viviane Chauvet integrates sound therapy to effectively heal and align body, mind and spirit. She states, “There is a tone for each chakra, including a wave pattern. Sound vibrations stepped down in your body through the Chakra energetic centers, and address physical as well as emotional issues such as blood circulation, asthma, fear, doubt, anxiety, nervous system disorder, digestion issue, back pain and more.”

She is an intuitive healer with inherent gifts that come from her angelic, interstellar star heritage. She senses energetic shifts and perceives in holographic view blocks and cords stored in the physical, as well as the subtle bodies. Holographic Reconnective Light-Energy Healing is an effective and potent healing process that channels dimensional light frequency from the Arcturian Collective Consciousness & Ancient Guardians. “It will effectively accelerate one’s energy, trigger profound changes, generate instant healing and transcend any third dimensional related issues/challenges,” she states.

Infinite Healing From The Stars is located in Mesa. Learn more by phoning 480-358-7994 or visiting or

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