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A New Paradigm for Cosmetic Enhancement: Naturopathic physician Melanie Icard describes a new, state-of-the-art option for non-invasive body lifts and non-surgical facelifts.

Apr 25, 2017 04:56PM ● By Dr. Melanie Icard

A new, state-of-the-art option for non-invasive body lifts and non-surgical facelifts in Arizona is polydioxanone (PDO) threading, also known as “face threading”, or the V-Lift. Originating in Europe and Asia, it works by placing safe, absorbent sutures directly under the skin that lift, create volume and shape, and smooth the skin and tissue of the targeted area for natural-looking cosmetic enhancement.

The PDO thread, a biocompatible and biodegradable material, is inserted into the subcutaneous layer (the fatty layer of the skin) via a tiny needle. The needle is then removed carefully from the skin while the thread remains to lift and fill the area through collagen production.

The procedure can take anywhere from five to 35 minutes, depending on the areas needed. Patients will notice an immediate enhancement; while the sutures will dissolve naturally within the first six months of placement. They quickly cause an increase in collagen production in the targeted area. The effects will continually improve and patients can expect to see results last to two to three years after the initial procedure.

PDO threading is excellent for non-surgical facelifts, cheek lifts, jowl lifts, neck definition, removing lines and defining the lips, removing lines above the lips, needing less Botox next to the eyes (when paired with Botox injections), removing lines between the eyebrows, breast lifts, cleavage rejuvenation and is the best treatment for acne scars and large pores.

Body and face threading is safe and instantly effective. The tiny threads that are placed directly under the dermal layer were originally created and used for heart surgery in babies, so it is an extremely safe material. The fine threads are biocompatible (not harmful to the body) and dissolve naturally over time with water and carbon dioxide.

The treatment is noted for its ability to achieve a completely natural look, and is an excellent alternative for patients that are not willing to undergo plastic surgery, dermal fillers, or Botox and other neurotoxins. The unique advantage of thread lifts is that they provide immediate results. The wires that are placed under the dermal layer latch onto and pull skin tissues for an immediate lift, increased volume and enhanced shape.

Melanie Icard, NMD, is the owner of Anti-Aging Clinic, in Phoenix, and offers body and face threading. For more information, call 480-599-8370 or visit

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