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Start a New Career at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America

Students have traveled from 28 countries and all 50 states to attend the Hypnotherapy Academy of America, in Albuquerque. The next 500-hour hypnotherapy course begins June 5 and September 11. After completing the first 300 hours of modules one through three, students are eligible for certification as hypnotherapists with the International Board of Hypnotherapy.

Academy Director Tim Simmerman Sierra states, “Our state-licensed hypnosis courses and clinical hypnotherapy training have led the field in hypnotherapy education for almost 30 years. The 500-hour accelerated certification course in hypnotherapy is held three times a year and is taught in two-week modules.”

By also completing the additional 100 hours of module four, which covers pain management techniques and accelerated healing, students become eligible for the professional designation of certified medical support clinical hypnotherapist. Module five is a 100-hour elective that covers natal regression and past-life therapy, for a total of 500 hours of training.

Location: 2132 Osuna Rd., NE, Ste. B, Albuquerque. To register, call 877-983-1515 or visit

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