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A Regenerative Technique for Chronic Pain: The Bonacci Method is a multimodal option for natural pain relief.

Jun 28, 2017 07:32PM ● By By Martin Miron

More than 40 percent of Americans suffer from chronic pain at some time, costing society more than $600 billion annually—more than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined. Many pain patients feel discouraged and hopeless, and the suicide rate among this group is twice as high.

The Bonacci method of regenerative alignment is a multimodal option for pain relief. Dr. Marc Bonacci, a chiropractic physician trained in physical medicine modalities and therapeutic procedures, has spent 18 years exclusively treating chronic pain patients and developed a regenerative technique that claims to consistently decrease pain.

Within the medical field, a 30 percent decrease in pain is commonly accepted a smashing success. Bonacci says his findings are more than twice that good, with the vast majority of his patients claiming an 80 percent or higher decrease in pain after six to 12 visits.

Bonacci found that many standard orthopedic tests gave him false or inconclusive results, so he developed his own assessment technique. Once he pinpoints the source of the pain, he begins treatment, which involves manual maneuvers to align the muscles, fascia and nerves. During therapy, he constantly reassesses the situation and makes adjustments to his tactics according to the body’s response. His method does not involve traditional chiropractic adjustments unless he feels it’s needed; instead, he focuses on aligning and freeing up the muscles, nerves and connective tissue, and aligning the joint with gentle mobilization.

Different than massage, Bonacci says, “I have the education to differentially diagnose, as well as an understanding of physical regenerative medicine, which allows me to make critical decisions throughout the therapy process. I can see the areas on which to focus and how precisely to manipulate the body into an agreeable state.” He explains that a massage may feel good, but is not as therapeutic as targeted, deep, intellectual manual work done with a sense of what is happening inside the body.

The individualized, comprehensive approach is what Bonacci attributes for his success. He says, “Part of it is intuition, but most of it is observation; I put the parts back in place and create an atmosphere conducive to healing. As therapy progresses, the body heals itself and the pain goes away.”

Another big component of healing is the patient taking ownership of their situation and making a commitment to doing their part at home. Bonacci explains that the body needs to have the strength to hold itself in proper posture in order to function without pain. He says, “The breakdown of integrity throughout the musculoskeletal system is usually what makes pain come back." Strength training and stretching are pertinent to staying pain-free, as well as eating a non-inflammatory diet. Think fresh whole fruits and vegetables, instead of processed and packaged fake foods.

Bonacci also advocates trying out non-invasive therapy before resorting to surgery. He sees positive results every day from patients by combining regenerative therapy with changes at home.

For more information, call Dr. Marc Bonacci, of Arizona Pain and Posture, at 480-585-0252.

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