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Calling All Healers to Sedona’s Red Rocks

Jun 28, 2017 08:22PM

Gateway Cottage Wellness Center, in Sedona, is offering three significant events this fall. A Women’s Retreat: Dance in the Light 2.0 – Be the Light From October 3 through 6, is for those that have been working with their magical, mystical, empathic and intuitive gifts. They know the world needs their gifts and healing powers and are ready to share.

A medical intuitive seminar, Opening Doors of High Sense Perception, taking place From November 3 through 5, features Wanda Zum-Mallen to learn simple medical intuitive techniques to open the soul’s gifts to perceive auras, chakras and anatomy with soul’s eyes, ears, hands, noses and tongues under a nurturing full moon in Taurus.

Participants will learn to see their anatomy, hear their inner voice, feel to the depths of their cells, taste the unknown, smell beyond the limits of reality and change their lives from mundane to magical, evolving into a universal light being with divine high sense perception.

Way of the Seabhean-Shamanic Priestessing, from November 9 through 13, with international shamanic teacher and healer Amantha Murphy, introduces the concept of Seabhean: “the womyn who walks between the worlds, weaving the threads of the fabric of the Earth and those who live upon her.”

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