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Anti-Detox—A New View of Detoxification: Eating real whole organic foods helps us naturally cleanse over time.

Jun 28, 2017 07:29PM ● By Melanie Albert

Many people go into a detox program or plan to get rid of toxins in their body, but when we eat real whole foods and live a healthy lifestyle, we do not need to detox. Rather than a short-term detox diet or plan, consider looking at detoxing as a long-range, long-time lifestyle or way of living and eating.

When we eat clean, local, organic foods; mostly plants, lots of veggies and fruit, our bodies will naturally cleanse over time. When we live a positive, optimistic “detox” way of life and get rid of toxins in our environment, we become less stressed and happier.


Three Key Steps to Detox with Real Whole Foods

1.   Eat organic. Organic produce is not grown with toxic pesticides or herbicide chemicals, so eat clean, organic food and purchase from local farmers that are either certified organic or do not use pesticides and herbicides.

2.   Eat plants every day. Enjoy veggies and fruit several times a day, because the water and fiber in produce is naturally cleansing for our digestive system. Keep the kitchen stocked with a few favorite veggies and fruit. During our hot Arizona summer, enjoy water-rich watermelons, melons, cucumbers and squash.

3.   Drink lots of water. To cleanse through elimination, drink half our body weight (in pounds) in water (in ounces) every day. For example, if we weigh 120 pounds, drink 60 ounces of water a day. That’s about half a gallon. If we work out or are out in the sun, drink even more to stay hydrated.


5 Ways to Detox from Toxins in the Environment

  1. Get out in clean nature. Go to the mountains, the ocean or the beautiful parks. Take time to breathe in fresh air and to get away from our daily work routine, computer and smartphone.
  2. Breathe. When we exhale, we release toxins from our bodies. Right now, breathe in and breathe out with a big exhale.
  3. Exercise. Release toxins from your body with movement, exercise and sweating. Make exercise fun. Hike, go to the gym or play with the kids.
  4. Hang out with people that are positive. Spend time with family and friends that we really enjoy. Cook, laugh and play together.
  5. Practice yoga or meditation. Reduce toxic stress levels by taking quiet time for ourselves. Add a little self-care to our life every day.


Take action. Choose one way to begin an Anti-Detox Lifestyle with food, one with the environment, and naturally detox for life.

Melanie AlbertMelanie Albert is an intuitive cooking expert and author of A New View of Healthy Eating. For more information, visit

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