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Scottsdale Company Launches ProlifeStream

Jun 28, 2017 08:30PM

Most of today’s modern lifestyles and routines are filled with pollutants and toxins, often being ingested without our notice. ProlifeStream is a new support system that detoxifies, balances and strengthens multiple organs and functions in the body. Naturopathic Doctor Emmanouil Karampahtsis, formulator and founder of ProlifeStream, states, “It is only through daily detoxification that we can help the body to effectively get rid of these harmful chemicals and improve our health.”

ProlifeStream is a synergistic blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, combined with several patented ingredients aimed to boost organ function and improve overall health. Being aware of what we eat and drink and our environment that surrounds us is critical to our health. The body can easily absorb chemical toxins through the foods we eat, lotions and perfumes we apply, cleaning products we use and many other sources. This can result in a number of different outcomes including mitochondrial dysfunction (which can lead to several ailments), weight gain, low energy levels, acne, high cholesterol and other serious chronic diseases.

ProlifeStream does not include petroleum byproducts, wheat, yeast, soy, GMO protein, lactose, nuts, gluten, corn, sugar, stimulants, artificial colors, sweetness or preservatives, dairy, cholesterol or trans fatty acids. It is free of most common allergens.

“Who wants to take more than a dozen pills a day to boost health and help the body effectively detox?” says Karampahtsis. “With ProlifeStream, you simply dissolve two packets in water that you can drink on the go. It is my mission and goal to develop a nutritional system that is not only a simple source to improving health, but also helps slow down the deterioration of the body and doesn’t break the bank!”

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