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Body Balancing with Kinesiology

The body is like a piece of electrical equipment controlled by the brain. If the body is in perfect health, the brain constantly sends electrical signals to each muscle, and the muscle sends electrical signals back. When the body is under stress, something has to give.

It blows a fuse when it is under too much stress. It looks around and sees which of the muscles it can most easily do without. The signals between the brain and that muscle are then impaired and appear to be much weaker when tested. Different muscles are associated energetically with particular organs. When a particular muscle is weak, this indicates that there is less energy going to a particular organ.

When we correct the muscle using kinesiology methods, the energy is returned to normal and the body will find it easier to heal itself. We call this process “balancing” because we are balancing energies. Improvements in symptoms can sometimes be noticed immediately after a balance.

Universal Touch Kinesiology Group, a new group of practitioners in Mesa with more than 40 years of combined experience in kinesiology, massage therapy and energy medicine, is certificated in Perfect Health and Touch for Health Kinesiology. For more information, call 480-835-5380.

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