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Redefining Detox: Ray Florio of Spirit Bar discusses the importance of seasonal detoxes and regular cleansing.

Jul 28, 2017 09:45AM ● By Ray Florio

There are times to do seasonal detoxes throughout the year. Cleansing the colon, liver and kidneys, parasite cleansing, heavy metal cleansing, juice fasting and water fasting are all important.

Drink pure, structured water.

Through his discovery of Aquaporins, 2003 Nobel Prize-winner Dr. Peter Agre has proven that in order for water to be optimally effective in the body, the water molecules must be aligned in a single file. The only external way to align water molecules that exists is GiaPlex technology, which in 30 minutes, takes chaotic water molecules and causes them to align like a string of pearls, creating super cellular hydration, super cellular communication and rapid detoxification.

Normally, only one water molecule at a time can pass into the body, however GiaPlex technology allows long chains of molecules to enter the body simultaneously. Malabsorption is a major issue because of stress, neuro-toxins and xeno-estrogens. Structured water helps shuffle nutrients into the cells, creating superior nutrient delivery.

Focus on “building foods” so we do not detox too fast.

Building foods will generally give us strength by helping adapt to stress, balance hormones, boost and/or modulate the immune system and strengthen organs. Raw foods will generally bind to toxins and break them up. The problem is that if the immune system gets overburdened because too many toxins are being released too fast, we may exhibit flu-like symptoms and reactions. We want to avoid the severity of these reactions as much as possible, and that is why we focus on building the system first. Then we can have a balance of building and detox foods during the process. There’s no need to cut micronutrient building foods out, either on a daily basis or on a specific detox regimen. Some of the best foods and herbs act as builders and detoxifiers.

Keep the immune system strong and intelligent.

This is probably the most important point that ties into so many parts of our life. The endocrine (hormone) system dramatically impacts the immune system. Stress is a major factor that affects our endocrine system, so when we’re overly stressed, our hormones get imbalanced and our immune system gets low. Over time, the immune system will plummet. Stress relief is less important than adaptation to stress. Stress relief is like saying, “Lift lighter weights to get stronger.” If we simply change our beliefs to stop seeing things as stressful, and then build resistance to it, we will never create negative stress in the first place.

We all stress from time to time, and a little stress is a positive thing, but we should never overly stress about anything too much nor stress about being stressed. Realize that everything is working for us. Any stress that does occur can be used as an advantage and a catalyst to take action, to realize something or to change something. As we evolve and dedicate ourselves to optimal health, detox will become a natural result of how we live, instead of a special occasion.

Ray Florio is a holistic nutritionist and owner of Spirit Bar, in Gilbert. For more information, phone 480-621-6218 or visit

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