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Truly Relax for the Holidays

ANAHATA Yoga, Sound and Energy Healing is offering a new client special of $40 for 40 days and bring a friend for free. They also have one of the best boutiques in the valley for conscious gifts, gift certificates and yogic apparel. There are great classes to bring out kindness toward family and unwind from the stress of the holidays.

Owner Amarjot Kaur (Ronee Kipnes) says, “The best way to overcome holiday stress is to breathe. When you feel that you are going to react, or feel the pressure inside you about to release, just pause and take a long, deep breath. Let the belly relax and take a slow, deep inhale through the nose, and then release it slowly through the nose. Pull the navel back and squeeze it all out. Repeat! Breathe in peace. Breathe out stress. Check in with yourself and see if you feel the shift. Smile. Consciously connecting to your breath and slowing it down will help you slow down inside, so you can keep going on the outside.”

Location: 14148 N. 100th St., Ste. C-130, Scottsdale. For more information, call 480-699-9600, email [email protected] or visit