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Spiritualution Concert Gathering—Prayer for The Promised One of All Faiths

Mar 28, 2018 03:44PM

People from every continent, and of every race and religion, will come together on Saturday, May 5, at Camp Avalon, in Sedona, for a Spiritualution Concert Gathering to pray for the coming of The Promised One to usher in a new era of light and life for our world.

Many spiritual leaders have come to the conclusion that the problems facing our planet are so massive that divine intervention is necessary, and that “The Promised One”—foreseen by prophets throughout history and known by many names—is destined to come to implement a planetary “divine administration”. 

Spiritualution—Justice to God’s People is a movement by spiritual leader and musician TaliasVan. The clarion call of this movement is CosmoPop—TaliasVan’s unique style of music, which he performs with his 12-piece Bright & Morning Star Band. “The music goes beyond the confines of this planet and actually originated in the Pleiades, where I believe many souls, who are called starseed, originated,” says TaliasVan. “The Spiritualution Concerts are also gatherings of the Star Tribes from four universes under the theme ‘One God, One Planetary Family’. You don't have to get religious; just be kind and pray for the coming of The Promised One. That's what this concert is all about—souls from all religious backgrounds praying together for the only answer to a better world: a divine takeover.”

Cost: $20 in advance/$30 day of event (reduced prices for youth and camping packages available). Location: 91 Loy Ln., Sedona. For more information, call 520-398-2542 or visit


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