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The Joys of Raising an Intuitive Child

Jul 25, 2018 05:38PM

Christine Nicole, a 27-year-old indigo child with her rainbow child, Carter.

“Congratulations if you have an intuitive child; you have met your greatest teacher,” says psychic medium and intuitive life adviser Christine Nicole. “They might challenge all the social norms you are familiar with, and question authority and peers to the extent that you wonder who is right and who is wrong. They might be able to read minds and detect when someone lies or is deceitful.”

Nicole is a 27-year-old “indigo child” and the mother of a “rainbow child”. Here is her explanation of what these two types of intuitive children are, along with a description of a third type: “crystal children”.

Indigo children are change makers; excellent leaders; often have a good business sense; question authority; are extremely psychic; and many suffer from addiction and depression, wanting an outlet for not feeling like a typical human. One of the blessings of an indigo child is their integrity, and they inspire others to have admirable character qualities.

Rainbow children come to families that are not dysfunctional. They are strong-willed, telepathic, very physically active, instant manifestors, and can be fearless. They have balanced male and female energy, and have the ability to laugh deeply and sincerely, which spreads joy. They have large eyes and can be considered stubborn.

Crystal children are interested in crystals, stones, rocks, and love music and may sing before talking. They are extremely connected to animals and nature and highly affectionate. They speak about the universe, love and healing. They are very generous and forgiving, but they can be manipulative and have tantrums.

Nicole believes that many children less than age 4 are what she likes to call the “peaceful children”. They are very calm, collected and content. They are cuddly with certain people, especially other light workers. They do not do well in chaos. They might freeze or stand still in stressful moments or in family discord. They will often become healers because they can move energy with one quick thought.

“As we progress as a spiritual society, we will have babies with different energy and new abilities,” explains Nicole.

Here are some tips Nicole offers to help you in raising your intuitive child:

Play psychic games: One example is to watch game shows on TV and “feel” which person is going to win or what the prize is. Favorites in Nicole’s house are The Price Is Right and Let’s Make a Deal. Ask your child to pick a song and see if they can manifest it to come on the radio. Before leaving the car, have them guess the next song that will play. Think of a color or shape and have them tell you the answer, or pick a card out of a deck and have them tell you what you’ve chosen.

Eat healthy: This is very important for your child. They do better when carbohydrates are reduced, as they can have a low tolerance to sugar and gluten. Veggies and protein, and organic, if possible, will agree with them better and create better sleep and clearer thinking. Ask your child to shop with you and intuitively determine which foods are healthy for their body. And they should be allowed to tell you when they are finished eating.

Listen: Listening to your child and allowing them to tell you their visions with no judgment is so important. What they say may not make sense to you, and that is okay; just listen and ask them to explain or ask how that makes them feel. 

Expose them to the spiritual world: Go to an intuitive kids’ workshop or a psychic fair where they can be with like-minded people who can help them feel understood. Mentors are available to help them develop their gifts.

Set boundaries: Have an open family conversation about to whom and when they can discuss their spiritual gifts, and let them know that not everyone understands their abilities, and that they need a safe place to express their thoughts and questions.

Pursue your own soul journey: Parents who are developing their own spirituality can educate children from their own life experience. This will help you in communicating and being more connected to your child.

“On behalf of intuitive children everywhere, I would like to thank you for your encouragement and desire to understand,” shares Nicole. “Remember, we chose you to be our parents!”

Christine Nicole offers psychic readings, mediumship, business coaching, life advising, and intuitive kids mentoring. For more information, including joining an intuitive kids’ workshop, call 928-848-7246, email [email protected] or visit For information about upcoming psychic fairs, visit



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