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Want to Relieve Joint Pain? : Try Fewer Plants and More Meat!

Aug 27, 2018 03:24PM puhhha

Could plant foods be causing your joint pain?

A recent animal study attempting to identify the exact manner in which obesity led to increased risk of osteoarthritis in order to develop better treatment plans found that increased carbohydrates in the form of sucrose led to an increase in joint inflammation in mice tested, and increased dietary fiber adversely affected the cartilage genes and stress-response pathways. The mice on the deleterious high-sugar and high-fiber diets were actually the control group of the study which was planned to test different high-fat diets. The researchers were surprised to find that sugar and fiber were the main culprits promoting osteoarthritis.

Once upon a time as a nation, we consumed primarily meats and fats, with plant foods being only supplementary to the diet. These days, nearly everybody “knows” that eating more fruits and vegetables, especially those dark green, leafy superfoods, are good for you, right?

Perhaps in all the glorification of kale; green smoothies; and fresh, organic, raw pressed juices, we’ve overlooked the darker side of the plant kingdom. Will “eating the rainbow” lessen a person’s joint pain, or could it be making it worse? As it turns out, many are finding relief by giving up the kale and broccoli and eating mostly red meat!

Plant foods contain a host of potentially problematic compounds—including oxalic acids, phytic acid, fiber, sugars and other components—that could be causing inflammation, leading to joint pain. A growing number of people are finding surprising relief from joint pain by eating a meat-only diet, however counterintuitive that may sound. One side benefit people are experiencing by eliminating plant foods includes weight loss, which can also help reduce joint pain by reducing the strain on the joints.

The brain, nerves, skin and hormone production all rely on a steady intake of the right essential fatty acids in the diet to perform at their peak. Since all plant foods ultimately break down into simple sugars, perhaps we’ve had it backwards all along. Eating a diet of meat and whole-fat milk products can be very satisfying. While this may sound like heretical advice, go against the grain and eat some meat. Experiment with eliminating most or all plant foods for one month to see how you feel. Enjoy what you want of red meats, fish, seafood, poultry, eggs and whole-fat milk products to tolerance.

Other therapies that can help ease a variety of pain conditions include acupuncture, hypnosis therapy, or using guided therapeutic visualizations and energy healing.

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