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Letter from The Publisher

Aug 27, 2018 05:30PM

I would never consider books “waste”, but this month’s article on a zero-waste lifestyle (see page 40), made me think about clutter, and that brought to mind my e-reader.

I’ve owned an e-reader for many years. My husband got his before I bought mine, as I thought that a “real” book was much better—the look, the feel, the smell. I can sense many of you thinking the same thing….

My decision to go electronic came when I realized I was buying too many paperback novels. We were on the horse ranch, and the library was a distance away, so I was incurring big overdue fines. This led to purchasing them, and the accumulation began. Most of these paper novels weren’t something you’d read two or three times. So, I finally broke down and bought an e-reader, and I’ve never looked back! I will still buy a print book if it’s something special, but for regular one-read novels, the e-reader has turned out to be great for me, and I rarely miss the paper anymore.

There are some other wonderful bonuses to having an e-reader that I hadn’t thought of before acquiring mine. I can find books by authors I would never have found going to the bookstore or library. I often get inexpensive books by authors I don’t know, and have been amazed at how good some of them are—and from all over the world. I have a lot less clutter—yes, I had a lot of books and was feeling bogged down. I also discovered that once I cut back on the paper books, the air actually felt lighter and smelled fresher! And, I can always visit the library if I need a “book smell” fix.

Reading in the night without turning on the lamp and waking my husband (I can be up at all hours), buying another e-book at 1 a.m. when I’m finished what I’m reading, being able to make the font larger, and having it in my purse when traveling or sitting in a waiting room are also perks.

I haven’t reached the point where I’d read a book on my phone, but that day may come too. I never thought I’d have an e-reader to begin with, so the old adage applies here: Never say never!

I hope you enjoy this issue of Natural Awakenings. As always, please feel free to contact me with comments, suggestions or questions. This is your magazine—enjoy!




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