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Happy Chinese New Year of the Earth Pig

Jan 24, 2019 07:27PM ● By Jen Stone

Julia Kuznetsova/ Dai Trinh Huu

New Year’s celebrations, with their emphasis on romance and indulgence, might seem totally secular. But underneath all that glitter and sparkle is an ancient holiday with deep spiritual roots. For centuries, people from all civilizations, societies and cultural groups have been observing the end of one year and the beginning of another. That’s why the new year is usually marked as a signal for renewal and rebirth, and a time when we reflect on the previous year and take stock of both the blessings—and lessons—that shaped our lives.

One way the Chinese prepare for the new year is by learning and understanding what the coming year’s energy means and how it will impact them specifically. Because every year represents a different Chinese animal sign, the quality of the energy is different and always changing.

While the Chinese animal signs may seem trivial and amusing, each of the 12 animal signs actually embodies the Chinese five elements (fire, earth, metal, water and wood). And because the year’s animal sign always come in a pair, the interaction of the two elements will create a sort of theme for the year.

Take 2018, for instance. It was a Yang Earth Dog year. Because the dog sign is also an earth element, the combination of the year was earth and earth, making it an incredibly heavy and dense earth element year, in which the earth element also represented the mountains, soil and ground. Hence, we even witnessed Mother Nature’s wrath in many earth-related disasters, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and sink holes. Imagine if Mother Nature can behave in alignment with the elements, what excludes us—as humans are members of nature—from behaving and feeling the same way?

Furthermore, in Chinese medicine, the earth element signifies the stomach, digestive system, and the central region of the body. Emotionally, it relates to people’s ability to trust and have faith, to have a sense of belonging and confidence, and to heal from past traumas. That’s why 2018 brought on a barrage of macro and micro events that prompted many to explore the most vulnerable and sensitive parts of themselves.

As you reflect on the past year, can you identify the mini earthquakes that shook you? If so, how did these events change and shape your life?

This is why when you learn more about the elements of the year, it is a wonderful and intentional way to align your actions, feelings and major decisions with the upcoming new cycle, thereby, helping you to navigate the year with ease, appreciation and success!

And so, on February 4, we officially welcome the Year of the Earth Pig. According to the Chinese Hsia calendar, this is the arrival of the winter cycle because the celestial sign of the pig belongs to the water element. Therefore, the element combination for 2019 is earth and water.

The water element embodies the meaning of transformation and new discoveries. Because of it, the energy of the year will exhibit strong emphasis on spiritual growth and development, conservatism, introspection and cautious optimism. As you imagine the water element to manifest like ocean water, the waves of the general cycle of highs and lows will continue to impact—and challenge—the way we live, think, feel and interact.

Here are three ways you can welcome the Year of the Earth Pig:

  1. Health Is Wealth.

There is nothing more important than nurturing and maintaining a vibrant and strong body. In Chinese medicine, the water element is associated with the kidneys, adrenals and sexual organs. Hence, placing more care and attention on these areas of the body will be key. This includes balancing the condition and volume of the body’s blood. The two kidneys (water element) are the body’s main blood filters (fire element). Therefore, cleansing the blood is one of the tasks of the kidneys, which are packed full of filtering nephron—roughly 1 million microscopic filtering units to remove metabolic wastes from the blood and adjust the balance of water, salt and other substances.

  1. Feng Shui Your Home.

Just like people, your home also experiences a natural cycle. Feng shui is an amazing tool that helps you better understand the energetic qualities and influence of your physical environment. In other words, it puts compelling meaning to what you are feeling about your space, and, in turn, what will manifest in your life. No matter what your primary concern or goal is for the new year—be it about money, health, relationship harmony, or overall wellness—incorporating the knowledge of feng shui will not only give you perspective on how the year’s energy will transpire within your space, but how you can proactively equip yourself to manage your home’s natural cycles so your space is in alignment with your personal desires.

  1. Learn BaZi—Your Chinese Astrology.

If you enjoy incorporating New Year’s rituals, such as creating a vision board, setting new goals, or clearing clutter, you should also consider getting your personal BaZi reading, a form of Chinese astrology. “Going with the flow” is a common Western remark that ends up in a dark abyss because it is vague and different for everyone. BaZi can help articulate, clarify and validate the intuitive pulses that you may already have inside you. Moreover, you can better align your yearly goals, plans and desires with a more intentional and deliberate approach while still leaving room for life’s sweet surprises. It is a healthy and fun way to start and reel in the new year!


Jen Stone is an accredited feng shui master and owner of Feng Shui by Jen. She authored The First Guidebook for Feng Shui Enthusiasts and offers formal training classes on feng shui and BaZi Chinese astrology overseas and in the U.S., including Scottsdale. She can be reached at



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