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Chakra Healing Sessions and Classes Available

Feb 25, 2019 03:13PM

Chakra healing sessions and classes are now available at the Total Rejuvenation Center, in Scottsdale. Tuning forks, essential oils and affirmations are used to clear the blockages of the past, which helps to clear disease and pain.

“We work with you, and not at you,” says Victoria Mogilner, owner of Total Rejuvenation Center. “We enhance the session with acupuncture and toning, giving you health work to do at home. In the classes, you will learn how to work on yourself to maintain an individual session.”

A chakra, which means wheel or disc, is an energy vortex that is linked to the endocrine system. Each chakra has a particular color and corresponds to a specific energy system of the body. The chakras correlate to the conception meridian running up the midline of the body.

“Chakra balancing involves clearing the subconscious and the subtle energy body so you can enter the fifth dimension and ascend to a higher level of consciousness,” says Mogilner. “As you clear the chakras, you enhance the flow of energy and open a portal to allow the flow of energy to become balanced emotionally, physically and spiritually. As you clear the energy, you increase your intuition and raise your vibratory rate.”

Location: 2928 N. 70th St., Ste. E, Scottsdale. Call 480-560-1454 to book a session or classes. For more information, visit



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