How Poor Posture and Slouching Leads to Poor Health

These simple changes can make a difference, guides Tiffany Tanner

Common musculoskeletal pain and disorders are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the effects of poor posture. Migraines, carpal tunnel, posture-induced scoliosis, hip pain, knee pain, neuropathy, foot pain, sciatica, obesity and heart disease are just a few conditions that we rarely think of as connected to our sitting and standing postures. However, research studies show that slouching has a far greater impact then just an occasional neck ache or backache.

Natural health practitioners are beginning to educate their patients about alternative ways of treating and healing their ailments. Number one on the list for decreasing the strained balancing act between our muscles, spine and nervous system is posture. Improved posture begins with awareness and knowing where our body is in space at all times: Are you sitting upright and maintaining the natural curves of your spine? Is your low back right up against the back of the chair you are sitting in? Is your heart lifted or are you slouched over? Does your head feel like it is stacked atop your neck and shoulders? Taking notice of these simple things can have a huge impact on muscular and organ health. Making these small changes will improve overall health and posture.

Move, move, move: Never stop moving. Even if it’s a short walk or choosing to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Motion is lotion.

Stand whenever possible: There’s a reason treadmill desks and standing work stations are making a name for themselves. Invest in one for your home office or ask the HR department if they will provide one.

Log sitting hours: We often take for granted how many hours a day or even a week we spend sitting. We sit to eat, we sit to drive, we sit to work, we sit to watch TV, we sit to read and we sit to knit. Journal sitting time for one week and plan changes accordingly.

Tiffany Tanner, a certified Pilates teacher, posture guru and movement therapist, is the owner of The Center for Evolved Movement, in Cave Creek. For more information or a complimentary postural evaluation, call 480-980-6797 or visit

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