BOONgarden Brings the Arts and Education Together in a Pastoral Setting

BOONgarden, a local, woman owned and operated business, offers an exhibition urban garden, a gallery space for local artists and a refreshment lounge serving coffee, tea, lemonade, smoothies and frappes. Manager Audrey Ohlinger states, “It is the mission of this business to create a space where one can experience art, sustainable urban gardening and enjoy refreshments. Sustainable living is promoted through education and by example. The staff is committed to the Historic Avondale community with integrity, creative openness and a better future for all as the principal priority.”

The urban garden is open daily, with tours available discussing the benefit of cultivating our own food. Affordable classes are held to encourage and inspire the local community to take an active role in sustaining their food supply. The gallery space is available to artists in all formats, including painters, sculptors, drawers, textile crafters and jewelry makers. It’s a neighborhood meeting place for creativity and enjoying the company of friends and family.

Location: 214 W. Western Ave., Avondale. For more information, call 623-932-2240 or visit


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