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The Power of Creativity in the Art of Healing

Allura Westly has been painting with watercolors and teaching art for more than 30 years in Phoenix, attesting to the fact that creating art is the soul’s desire to bring energy into form.

Some of her works are cathartic, meaning an inner barrier breaks loose and creates a way for trauma to express itself, inadvertently healing the artist without words that would otherwise trigger remembrance of old trauma. 

She begins each class with a clearing meditation, releasing students’ minds of problems and worries during creative time—a time where students release their outside life and participate in a place of grace, inside the sanctuary of the artist/teacher’s studio, a sacred space that has only ever known the energy of artistic creation.  

Art making is a multifold process. Painting can become a way to conduct a spiritual search while working in the world, but not being of it. There are many of us that prefer to isolate—to seek for ourselves within.

Solo work is only for those that understand that making a conscious connection to something higher is a spiritual quest that enlightens the artist in the process, creating, through will, a depth of artistic perception that produces in the audience a breathless moment filled with light and magic. Westly teaches this process, instead of blandly providing repetitive recipes that work out the same every time. She understands the deeper meaning of the quest and facilitates her students in making their own connection. 

Making connection is what drives the artistic journey and is really the true reason for embarking on the journey to begin with. James Redfield, author of The Celestine Prophecy, wrote, “Where attention goes, energy flows.” Westly teaches her students how to laser focus their entire attention into their creative process, elevating their self-awareness in the process. 

One definition of inspiration is to draw in spirit, also known as connecting to the muse; it brings the deepest of healings when the artist is able to attain this. It requires being willing to tolerate uncertainty and take a risk, acknowledging that deep within lies the potential of tapping into a powerful, transcendent energy that will accelerate healing in all dimensions and take the artist on a magical mystery tour, opening a space in the mind for miracles to appear. The challenge is as great as the risk, and not easily met. But by using one’s will and occupying a state of allowing, anything is possible. 

It creates aliveness, accelerates healing in all dimensions, increases well-being, and improves emotional health. In these moments, one does not have to understand the meaning of life because life itself is filled with meaning and purpose. 

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