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Raise Those Vibes with Herbs

Mar 31, 2022 06:35AM ● By Kathleen Gould and Madalyn Johnson

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During this unprecedented time in our evolution, which many refer to as The Awakening, we are constantly reminded of the importance of raising our frequency or vibration. In addition, over the past three years, many folks have also started home gardens. So, what is the connection? When we are out in nature, we are more at peace and feel a real sense of happiness. This is because our precious Mother Earth’s frequency (Schumann resonance) is an electromagnetic field that surrounds and protects all living things. This frequency was 7.8 hertz, but for 40 years the resonance increased to 12 hertz and continues to rise.
Our bodies are quite sensitive to these changes in the Schumann frequency. Some of us are experiencing back and bone pain, migraines and mental confusion (foggy brain). We are also feeling things like greater love, empathy, kindness and intuition.
Mother Earth is raising her vibration, and as she does, we have a greater opportunity to raise ours. Gardening and being out in nature; growing and eating pure, organic foods; meditating; praying; and using pure, organic medicinal herbs to help maintain radiant health are all tools to help us maneuver these trying times.
Plants have a high vibration, and taking them into our bodies is a simple yet profound way to help raise our frequency. Just make a big soup pot of your favorite herbal tea and store it in your refrigerator. Each day, fill your sports water bottle with your health-giving tea, take it with you, and sip it throughout the day.
Let’s discuss a few herbs that can help with the chakra system, which is a form of spiritual energy (vibration) running from the top of the head to the base of the spine. It is thought to consist of seven major centers that form the basis of physical, mental and emotional health. These herbs may help keep those chakras balanced, raising your vibration.
Peppermint is known to balance the solar plexus chakra, which relates to confidence and self-esteem. If you are feeling stuck in your life, not sure where you are headed, or having a creative block, a cup of peppermint tea might just nudge you in the right direction and could help you feel unstuck. A teaspoon in a cup of hot water smells good, tastes good, and feels oh so good. Another way to experience this release might be with peppermint essential oil. A drop on your finger and rubbed on your temples or your heart center might help open those blockages.
Astragalus and rose are known to balance the heart chakra. If you are feeling angry, jealous or envious, these herbs may help you regain your love for humanity and compassion, which are so necessary now. Astragalus, which boosts the immune system too, is easily taken in a tincture; a dropperful or two a day might be all it takes. Rose oil can be placed on your heart center to encourage giving and receiving love.
Most adaptogens (ashwagandha, rhodiola, basil and schisandra berries) are known to help balance your crown chakra, which gives us access to higher states of consciousness. If you are feeling spiritually lost or just can’t seem to find any good in the world, your crown chakra might be blocked. Try using ashwagandha every day for two weeks and see if your eyes are being opened to the beauty around you. Culinary basil (a symbol of love in Italy) and holy basil (tulsi), in the Ayurveda tradition in India, will bring forth compassion for yourself and those around you.
Being grounded from your base, or root, chakra helps you feel safe and secure. Think dandelion root, turmeric or ginger. These “roots” will help you feel a deep connection to the planet, strong and resilient. Take your shoes off and walk on the sand or grass, and feel the Earth’s vibration enter your body, releasing pain and anxiety.
Nature has given us everything within our reach to help us achieve our highest vibration. Get out among the trees, talk to the plants, be grateful, enjoy a cup of herbal tea … and rise up!

Madalyn Johnson (left) and Kathleen Gould (right)


Kathleen Gould, registered herbalist, and Madalyn Johnson are proprietors of SW Herb Shop and Gathering Place. Gould has been an herbalist for 30-plus years and has extensive experience in herbal medicine. For more information, call 480-694-9931, or visit or