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Feng Shui 81 ~ The Power To Change Your Life through Your Environment

Lori Thomas, Feng Shui Instructor/Practitioner is passionate to help others create a better flow in their lives to promote good health, harmonious relationships, abundance and so much more.
What is Feng Shui?
Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of object placement, is used to create balance and success energy in an environment. While in America, Feng Shui is still a relatively new concept, virtually all banks and commercial buildings in China adhere to the principles of Feng Shui. There are many different types of energies. Feng Shui identifies those energy centers, then works to enhance those centers. For instance, there exists a center for helpful people which includes clients. Through the use of Feng Shui, the client center would be enhanced to draw in more clients.
When do people use Feng Shui?
She works with clients who have had misfortunes, or they moved into a home where a space clearing was needed. All memories hold energy from previous occupants. This can be corrected! Some clients have me work with their architects during the building process.
What causes mishaps as it relates to Feng Shui?
Stairways in the wrong location of the home can cause ups and downs in relationships, health and finances. Fireplaces in wrong location can cause one’s finances or even health to burn up or cause friction with relationships. Forceful energies, i.e. long hallways can cause mishaps.

What objects are used to make energy corrections?

Plants, lights, water features, and metal wind chimes.
Lori offers fundraiser workshops, classes, private sessions. Many of her clients are out of state, so clients will send her floorplans and pictures. Once a design analysis is complete, a written report will be sent.

When you have a gentle flow in your home, then life works with you instead of against you. 480-370-3310.