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Holistic Ketamine Therapy at Butterfly Holistic Center [business spotlight]

May 31, 2022 06:45AM ● By Melanie Icard
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Many of us have either experienced depression, are experiencing depression, or have seen a close loved one suffer with depression, which often coexists with anxiety disorders. Decades-long prescriptions of antidepressants is not uncommon, and still with an overall feeling of melancholy and lack of joy in life. What if there were another answer, another approach, wouldn’t that be worth looking into? Enter holistic ketamine therapy for depression and other mental and emotional disorders.
Ketamine is categorized as a “dissociative anesthetic”; sub-anesthetic doses allow for exploration of levels of consciousness. It has been shown to be very effective and much faster acting in treatment-resistant depression than other standards of care, and has also been shown to have notable anti-suicide properties and to have longer lasting effects than antidepressant prescription therapy.
In addition, ketamine has been shown to alleviate social defeat syndrome, something we can all probably benefit from; promote behavioral resilience; and increase synaptogenesis, meaning it increases connections between nerve cells in the brain, creating more pathways for your brain.
During a ketamine journey, participants lie mostly still, usually with a cozy blanket, eye mask, and headphones playing an expansive and relaxing specially made playlist. During the session, from time to time vibrational instruments will be played to enhance the experience, the participant is given full attention, and space is held for them to have their experience.
We ask our clients to think of an intention, and give some time and space for them to share and explore that before grounding down and tuning in. Breathing exercises may be done, as well as some light inspirational reading, but it’s all in the flow of the client’s needs for that moment.
This is not a one-and-done therapy; it should be done in a series, along with other holistic therapy. Although huge shifts can be seen and felt after the first session, for lasting results, a series with booster sessions yields the best outcomes.


Dr. Melanie Icard has been practicing holistic medicine in the community, as well as hosting international healing retreats for the past eight years. She has found that in conjunction with holistic and natural medicine, there is a missing energetic piece that can be the most important, and that involves letting go of belief systems and allowing the ego to die so we can be free and allow ourselves to heal. If you or your loved one is ready to try something different to heal from depression or anxiety, call Butterfly Holistic Center (located at 1430 E. Missouri Ave., Ste. B127, in Phoenix) at 602-780-3801 or visit