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Feng Shui Class Focuses on Changing Lives

Headshot of Lori Thomas

Lori Thomas, founder of Feng Shui 81, will offer a Feng Shui Beginner and Intermediate Class on October 22 and 23, from noon to 5:30 p.m., online via Zoom. Thomas is a certified feng shui instructor and practitioner with extensive training from the Feng Shui Institute of Physics and Energy. She’s also an intuitive with 20 years’ experience as a healing practitioner.
“Feng shui is a study of energy, and how this all-pervasive energy flow can impact your health, relationships and prosperity,” says Thomas, of this ancient Chinese practice. “Symbolically, feng shui means ‘wind and water’—both are forms of energy. The goal is to have a gentle flow of energy coming into the home or workplace. There are many types of energies that can affect your environment, some positive and some negative. I know how to feel where there are disturbances in the energy flow of a home, and how to correct the imbalances in order to bring a better flow.”
Some of the topics she will cover are how to work with directional energy and how to correctly apply the bagua (the map of a space’s nine energy centers) without using an astrological chart, in order to enhance the environment for harmonious relationships and abundance. She will also offer corrections if someone’s stairway or fireplace is in the wrong location, which can lead to mishaps. Some of the objects used for energy corrections are plants, lights, water features and metal wind chimes.
“I will also teach ways to increase your client base without having to work so hard, increase your wealth dynamically, harmonize relationships, boost creativity and even help children,” says Thomas. “If you are experiencing ill health, bad luck or financial loss, it could be that the energy of your home or office is blocked. That means you have to work harder to achieve your goals. Feng shui helps resolve problematic incidents of disharmony and conflict.”
While feng shui is not a religion or philosophy, it is compatible with nearly all religions, Thomas adds. In keeping with feng shui’s positive mission, she gives back to the community by offering feng shui fundraisers. “I believe that it is in giving that one receives.” Fifteen percent of class tuition will be given to Save the Family Foundation AZ.
“The goal is to empower people with skills to create a positive environment and a better flow in their lives,” Thomas concludes.
Cost: $390. Those who register before Oct. 16 with a deposit will receive the discounted rate of $325. Then the balance will be due before class. For more information, visit or call Thomas at 480-370-3310.