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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Oct 31, 2022 06:35AM ● By Cherylee Lisonbee
Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has come out of the category of unaffordable and unavailable to something people can have in their own homes. For years, the only type available were the steel tanks filled with oxygen. Certainly they are the Ferrari of HBOT, as they create the maximum atmospheric pressure (2 ATA) and are filled with pure oxygen. A physician referral is required to use these chambers.
In recent years, new technology has allowed the creation of mild HBOT (mHBOT), made from a very thick plastic with special zippers that seal completely. These chambers create a slightly lower atmospheric pressure (1.3 ATA) and are filled with ambient air. Pure oxygen is breathed in through a cannula, so the body still gets increased oxygen. Recent research shows that mHBOT provides nearly the same benefit as HBOT.
Most mHBOT sessions last an hour or more. Once you enter the chamber, it will take a few minutes for the chamber to fill with air. Your ears will need to pop as they do when you scuba dive, go up in the mountains or take off in an airplane. The windows help you feel more comfortable and safe, since the first time you may feel claustrophobic. Once you experience it, these fears melt away. The windows also help the operator communicate with you throughout your session. The soft chamber will become firm, and once it is at its maximum pressure, it is very hard. The air pump and the valves work together to keep the chamber at the allowed atmospheric pressure (1.3 ATA). You will be given a nasal cannula so you can breathe in pure oxygen that is pumped through it. This pure oxygen goes into your lungs, crosses the blood-air barrier, and sends higher levels of oxygen into the blood stream. Oxygen under pressure forces more oxygen into the plasma and deep into the tissues. This can increase new blood vessel growth, providing increased oxygenation long after your sessions.
It is not hard to imagine what organs of the body could benefit from being more fully oxygenated. Every cell of our body needs oxygen to perform at its best. Athletes use mHBOT to help them recover more quickly from workouts. Seniors love how it stimulates collagen production. From boosting metabolism or suppressing inflammation, to increasing blood flow to the brain (think depression or anxiety), there is a benefit to all who make it a part of their healthcare routine.
The cost will range from $100 to $300 or more a session. The costs will be higher when using a steel HBOT.



Dr. Cherylee Lisonbee is a chiropractic physician and neurotherapist, practicing in Show Low, AZ. Her practice focuses on bringing together innovative modalities, such as lasers, mHBOT, neurofeedback, hydrogen therapy and external counterpulsation therapy, to bring greater health and happiness to her clients. To contact her, call 928-537-2963.