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Raising the Vibration Through Sound and Toning [event spotlight]

Nov 30, 2022 07:35AM ● By Joya Sosnowski
Have you ever walked into a room and picked up a bad vibe, or been around someone with bad vibes―or around someone with good vibes? The energy is felt. This is vibrational energy at work. We are all both senders and receivers of energy.
Sound is one of the most powerful methods to work with the human energy field. Sound is pure vibrational energy. Sound also has the power to carry intention on its waves. Sound impacts the human field and changes people’s vibrational being. When a person changes who they are being, everything around them begins to change too. Sound healing is vibrational work, and it’s like stepping into the still pond of a person’s being. Just as the silt on the bottom of a pond gets stirred, so too does what has been buried in the unconscious come to the surface. It is now conscious, or brought to the awareness, so that it can be healed, cleared and released.
Consciousness means to become aware of the consequences of every choice we make. We can no longer keep making the choices we were making when we are aware of the consequences of those choices. Transformation happens when we stop doing what we were doing before and begin to live from a new level of consciousness. We literally raise our vibration. Sounding with one’s own voice is the most powerful tool to get you there.
How can your raised vibration impact others? In physics, there is a phenomenon known as the 100th monkey effect. Basically, it means that when one monkey makes a discovery, such as a different way to peel a banana, this information gets imprinted onto the quantum field and transfers to other monkeys who have never been around the original monkey. They, too, begin peeling their banana the same way. This is how the same ideas can land on people all at once, all around the world who are not physically connected. This is how we can become a beacon of good vibes and help imprint the field consciousness with higher vibrations.
Some of the latest findings in quantum science tell us that the zero-point field we all live in is conscious. Just as fish aren’t aware that they live and breathe and swim in water, humans are unaware that we live and breathe in a field that is very much conscious, energized and full of messages. It carries ideas, information and energetic vibrations. This is why we all can sense the vibes of people and places through our own inner antennae system.
Science tells us that everything is energy. Energy is defined as the ability to be active. If there is no energy, there is no action. In this field of activity, everything is vibrating, and if anything is vibrating, that means that it carries a frequency. Frequency is the word for the rate at which something vibrates. Everything that vibrates makes a sound―most of which is beyond the range of human hearing, which is only between 20 to 20,000 Hz. But just because we can’t hear the frequencies of vibration, doesn’t mean they don’t influence us. We are music, and we are always broadcasting into the field who we are, how we see, what we perceive, and what we project―and what we attract back to us comes through this information. We really do create our own reality. Dr. Wayne Dyer so wisely said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” This is a vibrational consciousness shift.
So what would happen if a large group of people got together with the intention to send love, peace and joy out into the field? Can this have an impact on the field to effortlessly raise the vibration of others, as their energy fields pick up this information from the field? There is an event that is going to measure this very idea. Vibe Raiser is happening on January 22 in Mesa at the historic Sunkist Warehouse from 1 to 4 p.m. This event is in collaboration with HeartMath Institute to measure the coherence of the field of the attendees. The event will also be on the HeartMath app so that people from around the world can participate at the same time. Together with the Global Consciousness Project, they will be looking at real-time data to see how a large group of humans coming together in vibration and intention can impact the field on a global scale.
The event will begin with the group coming into heart coherence with each other, and together everyone will “tone” one note, singing AHH together while holding the intentions of love, joy and peace for all humanity out into the field. The experience of singing this way together is incredibly heart touching and powerful to the participants. This experience alone can permanently transform someone’s vibration on the spot. There really is nothing like it, and like all wonderful things, it must be experienced to truly be understood. Following the intention toning, the power duo MaMuse will perform a beautiful audience-participation concert, where the audience will all sing and dance together, keeping our heart coherence field active. And then DJ Taz Rashid, known for his conscious dance music on the yoga festival circuit worldwide, will be playing conscious dance music to create the space for a conscious dance party.
Think conscious Coachella. This event is nonalcoholic and substance-free. The human brain is capable of creating the best feel-good neuro-cocktails through vibration, music and dance. This event needs all the high-vibe people to come out and hold this vibration to help impact the field with more love, more peace and more joy, so that people everywhere will feel more uplifted. It will be a joyful Sunday funday, with a lasting impact, that according to HeartMath, will be felt for days.


Rev. Joya Sosnowski, M.Msc, MMT, is the sound healer and spiritual science mastery teacher at Vibologie. For more information about her or Vibologie, visit For more information about the event or to purchase tickets, visit